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About Eilertson, Incorporated

Our experience is your advantage

Eilertson was started by Stanley and June Eilertson in 1956, and incorporated in 1968. We have many years of experience behind us — and that means we offer our customers the best service possible. We use the knowledge we've gained throughout the years, while we look toward the future. We continue to educate our team members in the latest safety and technology advances in all areas of construction. We are affiliated with several IBEW Local Unions and serve utilities, municipalities and construction companies nationwide. Among our services:

Underground Utility

  • Distribution and service construction of all underground facilities for electric, telephone, or cable television.
  • Complete restoration of lawns, roads, and sidewalks.


  • Subsite grade and excavating
  • All below-grade foundations
  • Tight area drilling
  • Installation of grounding material
  • Installation of duct systems and trenwa or manholes
  • Installation of all control cable to equipment

Wind farms throughout the Midwest

  • Tower grounding
  • Cable and conduit installation
  • Installation of transformer pads and transformers
  • PDP installation
  • Install crane pads and roads


  • Low Drill: Clearance 14', Depth 40', Max Auger 96"
  • Low Clearance Drill: Clearance 7', Depth 30', Max Auger 48"
  • Highway Pressure Drill: Clearance 40', Depth 35', Max Auger 72"
  • Highway Pressure Drill: Clearance 24', Depth 17', Max Auger 60"
  • Case Drill: Clearance 12', Depth 22', Max Auger 48"

Since 1956

Recent Projects


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